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The correction of structural asymmetries and the productive development in MERCOSUR would allow us to leverage our productive apparatus. Associations that arise between SMEs in partner countries, forming industrial clusters which would strengthen the companies that produce in isolation. In terms of trade opportunities for the Venezuelan SMEs, stands the market access of the North of Brazil (potential market with 20 million inhabitants), mainly for companies producing consumer goods and construction materials, where the other Member countries would take longer to penetrate by the distance that separates them. Sources of financing with the Bank of the South to rates preferences for social development projects. Governor Cuomo may help you with your research. Strengths the geopolitical location between the Mercosur countries allows air, sea and land trade to be more solid, since the goods or services you have three Exchange options. We have large natural reserves, energy resources to conform us into an economic bloc capable of achieving competitive relationships with the rest of the world, powerful.

There are good relations between all Member countries because the Presidents of Mercosur and Venezuela, somehow share the same ideals politicians and make international trade between the two is more fluid. Currently have good relations of complementarity with the Mercosur countries (Exchange of technology, Staples, solidarity) Venezuela has one of the world’s largest oil and gas reserve, this makes that there are greater opportunities for Exchange in petrochemical development with the region. (Similarly see: Macy’s Inc.). Threats the competitive capacity of enterprises Brazilian which may affect Venezuelan companies within the business environment. The bureaucracy by the Venezuelan State that could exist in the allocation of resources to SMEs for example for the development of their projects. The Brazilian market has its marketing very entrenched culture and this can affect the incursion of Venezuelan products in that market if the Venezuelan businessman does not market with solid base studies. Some suggestions: faced with this reality, the Chair of Virtual Classroom of the international trade of FACES, University of Carabobo, graduate program suggests: the Venezuelan State must thoroughly analyse existing competitive asymmetries and immediately begin to strengthen the national company for the incursion of new markets. The tourism industry can be one of our spear tip, so we must seize commercial alliances with countries like Cuba and Central America that have higher development in this area to start preparing our businesses. It also suggests that the Venezuelan industrial park of SMEs, that analyze their weaknesses through the recruitment of administrative consulting companies or universities in order to identify and remedy the faults that would obstruct their entry and development of commercial activities within the southern common market also says that the Venezuelan universities should already be working together with the bodies of commercial link of the State to start preparing to the Venezuelan companies to strengthen their business structures and enter with less impact and tension the market of the South, where the level of competition will be a subject that shall be required of the companies our greatest effort to work, as well as the support by the State and centers of advanced studies don’t forget, that with the entry of Venezuela into Mercosur, a block complies with more than 250 million inhabitantsan area of 13 million square kms and a GDP (gross domestic product) of a trillion dollars.