When we travel to a particular country, the only concern we have is to try to enjoy and capture the tourist benefits offered by that site. We prepare documents, money, airline flights, but never pen-samos which to enjoy first, must let us enter that country. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Areva. Surely you will say, I said before the immigration requirements to not have surprises and achieve the entry to that site as anelado. My experience in immigration matters has shown me that not all those who want to enter a country succeed. Families know sometimes they must return to their countries of origin, either I missed a visa. the Passport is cohorts in that country and not existed Consulate, minors were not in the passports of their parents, etc. With a vast experience in document control, I’ve seen nauseam what I describe above him. In Uruguay, despite not having rates of entry and exit of people very high, exist in their points of con – trol and daily, dozens of cases where well-meaning people land their desire to know this beautiful country or because the travel agency report you bad or the customs broker of the company air, sea or land how-OJ dialled? the checking does not repair in such extremes. Imagine this multiplied several times, when it comes to initiate a process of filing. I knew that in a thousand requests for residence percentage it obtained only half, or that half costs sometimes years acquire the quality of resident; well believe. You are interested in to enter, live, settle, form a history of life in Uruguay, no doubt a moment to contact me through the following website: Viva in Lo Uruguay compliments Carlos Sasias original Autor and source of the article