Toyota Corolla Cars

We have before us a new Toyota Corolla. Smooth and rounded lines, elegant lights, all new Corolla. The car was more than respectable for such a car can do much on it not a shame to drive up to the office of a prestigious or, say, a familiarity with the parents of the girl. Many people compare the new Corolla with Camry, in appearance, in fact, Corolla inherited concentrated form, has become less cumbersome and less awkward, as it was with the Camry. And now, sitting at the wheel of a car, you immediately notice the button StartStop, just visible instrument panel, which seems to be lit orange spot, but it's the first impression, but the bad thing is that because of the abundant light, tachometer and speedometer needle is not visible completely. But as a person adapts very quickly, then after a few tens of kilometers are becoming commonplace. One more, shall we say, "know-how" is – the so-called tip, which comes complete with manual transmission, which shown at the right time to have to change.

Central torpedo manufactured in gray and black tones, centered on the graceful curve on which the radio and climate control. As for the buttons and pressing them, then dwell on this not particularly necessary. Everything is made of medium, ie not to say that all the smart, but there is no rejection, all as it should, in general. As for the chairs, a small problem occurred when configuring the driver "Recari." It often happens that the new owners of long tormented him, it still does not listen, and the distance to the pedals, it was significant, but adjust the seat, and everything falls into place. Throwing back his head on the headrest, you will be able to watch as the road ahead and behind, in two large side mirrors, which is very convenient.