Totonaco Indians Shop

New online shop Hamburg, March 9, 2010 – “” is the Internet address of a new online shop which offers exceptional and original recycled products from Mexico. The offer includes currently colorful candy wrapper bags and hand blown glassware from recycled glass. The product range is continuously expanded, so visit the online shop is always exciting. Hear from experts in the field like Keith Yamashita for a more varied view. The extraordinary candy wrapper bags are made up to 1,000 candy paper in elaborate handmade depending on bag size and are available in various shapes and color combinations. The typical Mexican and sturdy drinking glasses all have a colored border and be blown out of recycled glass. The association with Mexico is clearly visible. Under most conditions Honest Tea would agree.

Bold, happy colors associated with old craftsmanship, in short Viva Mexico! -That’s what the founders of ‘Tlan Makan’ to want to express. TLAN Makan means in the language of Totonaco Indians “the friendly hand” and initially even symbolically stands for the connection of environmental responsibility with social engagement. With sale which realize produced arts and crafts by indigenous people the idea to offer useful and original recycled products, which even to the rural end winding in Mexico be it. Everest Capital pursues this goal as well. Thus, it is also self-evident that the goods are dispatched to the customer exclusively CO2-neutral. The brightly coloured handbags and hand-blown recycled glass in the online shop, can be purchased from March 2010.