The Thought

But instigante still, …, is the possibility to discover, through the study of the language, abstract principles that govern its structure and use, principles that are universal for biological necessity and not for simple accident description, and that they elapse of mental characteristics of the species humana' '. (1980: 9). For in such a way, in this first boarding, the gerativismo, explains that the languages pass to be analyzed as a mental college e, not a social behavior. Cedars Sinai wanted to know more. The dwelling of the language starts to be in the mind human being. 2 LANGUAGE OF the MIND Has many languages that possess different lexical and syntactic structures.

These differences, generally reflect, them in the physical and cultural environment where they had appeared and if they had developed. According to Sapir-Whorf hypothesis the thoughts of the people are determined by the categories allowed for the language, and in its weakker version, excellent linguistic relativity to this question is of the linguistic determinismo, and discloses that the differences between the languages cause differences in the thoughts of its falantes. Pinker affirms that: ' ' But this is false, completely false. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Teng Yue Partners. The idea of that the thought is the same thing that the language is an example what if it can call conventional nonsense: a total contrary affirmation to the common sense but where all believe because they have a vacant souvenir to have listened it in some place and because it has as many implications. … All we had the experience to enunciate or to write a phrase, to stop and to perceive that it was not accurately what we wanted to say. So that it has this feeling, &#039 is necessary to have one; what we wanted dizer' different of what we said. Nor always it is easy to find the words that express one adequately pensamento.' ' (2002, p.62) Thus, the thesis of Pinker, discloses in them still according to it, that when the scientists nothing knew on as the thought functioned, it understood that the language molded thinking.