The Rent

3. Written notice of the modernisation action! Because the tenants need to know what’s coming to him, he must enclose in a timely manner and comprehensively as possible in knowledge. The landlord has in writing any modernization measure the tenant, if impairment of the lessee and increase of the rent will be not only irrelevant. The new law stipulates that the modernization announcement three months prior to the action or the already visible preparations must be communicated to the lessee in writing (in text form). Both the requirements on the announcement as rights of the lessee, which he well should learn in their own interest, are diverse.

You will be presented in the coming days in a separate article. The legal position of the parties will be correct, incorrect or even failure modernization announcement in important respects, also the tenant has several ways to defend against modernization and their consequences. This is in the interest of clarity on the legal consequences of a complete, correct, timely Announcement without assertion of hardness reasons will be entered by the tenant: a) toleration obligation of the tenant concerns modernisation measures in accordance with the law, has to tolerate this may not deny access to the premises rented by him nor impede the measures, the tenant to timely, proper announcement he must clean the apartment even temporarily. He must accept this but not without compensation. (b) special right of termination of the lessee with the access of the full announcement begins the deadline for a special right of termination of the lessee. Want to is this the sometimes grueling rehabilitation time don’t expect or is he unwilling to wear a rent increase expected, he may terminate the rental agreement to the end of the next to the month following termination and do cancellation will take effect no later than the end of the month following the access of the announcement.