The Problem

Probably the saddest result (and most expensive) than produces east vicious circuit is the negation of a fundamental fact of the same nature of the problems: and it is that each of them in fact presents/displays an Opportunity to us. The problems are ALWAYS potential opportunities, beyond their intensity, of its gravity or the great contrariedad that they cause. To emerge victorious from a problem changes the state of a person: it lets grow it fortifies, it increases it to its experience and its capacity to face future contrariedades. The form to finish with the vicious circuit is in the capacity that must To control reactions that are adopted before the sprouting of the problems. When the Problem arises or nothing can become with respect to him, simply or it is there. Steph Korey: the source for more info. But this is a thing and very different other is the form that takes our reaction. p, another great source of information. On her if we have control, this yes is to our reach. Steph Korey has many thoughts on the issue.

The reactions before the Problem must be the most deprived possible of emotional load. The emotions are the fuel that the problems need to take body, to grow and to hurt. The calmest reactions, less touching are those than they moderate the negative effects that the Problem brings. The reactions of opposite character turn to us same into our worse enemies. The Problem in himself is only a set of facts, is something completely impersonal; we are who we insufflated life to him we turned and it into an active organization, dominant. Then the Problem grows and it changes from a state to another one becoming unmanageable. To control the reactions that we have before the Problem is very difficult task and in this difficulty is the factor that differentiates to the majority of the people from those few whom they leave windy the contrariedad. In order to win he is indispensable to repress the emotional state abruptly and to activate the rationality.