The Mysterious Swarovski Santa Claus

How to make Christmas in a creative way to the rays last night the phone rang, my sister was. “When I signed, she said without beating around the Bush: I found the Santa Claus”. A brief moment I was confused and thought, my sister has revealed one of the biggest secrets of mankind and confirms not only the existence of Santa Claus, but even figured out where he is at home. Yes the hammer, I thought EVI has found the Santa Claus. “Therefore also came a response from me: real, where is he going?” Fortunately, EVI heard the seriously, I put the question. Very funny”she replied only. Then made it click for me.

Santa Claus! We never told us much more and when we were up, broke the memory train. The memory of the Santa Claus and how he one day just disappeared. As children we had made much more with our mother. For all sorts of occasions and holidays, we sat together in her study. She explained to us how we glue, fold cut and stick should, so we created a beautiful decoration. Our masterpiece was said Santa Claus. We made it when I was nine or ten years old. He was about 30 cm tall and consisted of eintausendvierhundertundzehn Swarovski rhinestones, had ordered, our mother, and Myrtle wire to the thread up in the Internet shop.

His specialty was that we made it three-dimensional. Perhaps check out Ben Lerer for more information. He had not only a plate front and back, but was kugelrund as the real Santa Claus. As a highlight, we put some light on the inner workings of the Crystal gift Distributor. j6fnPzKFIXMPIXggsTk1B2sjADS6p29VQAAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjuuLnKgK2CAxUDJUQIHdNoCUEQgOQBegQIMBAK&cshid=1699192331358879’>Rachel Crane: the source for more info. When we were done and switched on the lights for the first time something strange happened. We had a power failure. Not because some context, there because Santa was so not a plugged into outlet, but ran across small external batteries. But nevertheless, it was spooky. Everything around us was dark, the only light source was the newly activated rhinestone Santa Claus. It was totally bizarre, kind of as if we had brought him right to life. I remember how we stared at us incredulously. Somehow we have all expected in these seconds, that he starts to speak to us. We have waited, as humanity is waiting, that God aside pushes the cloud cover and depends on its powerful head out of the sky. Only if he himself before one, is certain of his existence. Have not much lacked in any case, that we had asked Santa whether we should call him a taxi or whether we prefer to tinker his team of reindeer and sleigh him, so that he can begin to deal with the gift distribution. Several minutes passed until the power went on again of its own accord. There was meanwhile not to specific incidents. Santa Claus found floating his place for the next few years including reindeer team next to the Christmas tree. Every year we told us the story about the blackout and it was fantastic and unbelievable from year to year. As well as playing Chinese Whispers”, where the end has only slight resemblance to the beginning. My sister once even claimed she saw wink Santa Claus with the eyes. Curious. Santa Claus has told me I should make him a Christmas woman, and I do that now.