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In the course of the same worth to mention the question of citizenship. If you are not a person of Lithuanian origin, do not have Lithuanian roots, family, and do not reside in Lithuania for 10 years – Lithuanian citizenship you will not give! Not because the 'bad', and not because you are 'bad' Not legally necessary! before angry, think – and the country of your citizenship just to get it to an alien? and on what terms And indeed it is you want? In my opinion, a simple Residence permit gives sufficient rights and opportunities, while does not make you 'reserve airfield' as your previous citizenship. Well, if you choose to age in Lithuania, having lived here for over 10 years, with such a strong need for later in the Lithuanian citizenship will not be denied ( under certain conditions, respectively). Although unlikely, having received a residence permit in Lithuania, you will need to Lithuanian citizenship. If you would like to know more then you should visit gibson dean. Why not tell the children On them are already taken care of Lithuanian law, allowing some (falls under the category prescribed by law) to have dual citizenship In other matters, we have a permit is So after all is it possible to get to Lithuania and how much is real? get permission Residence in Lithuania can be, really. And enough is not difficult at: financial ability to properly collected set of documents (hence the competence of services rendered advice) compliance Lithuanian law a certain period of time (at least 4 months) and most importantly wish that you actually do than what to do, in other words, the presence of a specific goal in Lithuania or the very same reason – the justification for you really need this permission. Honesty, tolerance, mutual respect, understanding, the adaptation, willingness to accept and respect other people's culture, laws and language. .