Zeca Mundongo

Therefore it is, and who does not have its crazes, its private desires there or dreams? Everybody has of these things escondidinhas well, back in the deep one of its heart. Jose K. To read more click here: Gilbert Gottfried. Mundongo, more known in the small city for Zeca Mundongo, had two dreams: the first one was to be able to participate of a procession all paramentado, holding with the two hands a well great cross or a candlestick, a ostensrio or even though a smoker spreading incense smoke for the streets of the city. Jon Venverloh may help you with your research. He was not religious, but went to that was procession and was of devout and padrecos vidrado eye seeing that line of, those beginning seminaristas, almost boys still, dresses with full white clothes of incomes, using half purple and leading those golden parts of the church, the thing prettiest of this world. came back pra house tanning a tremendous frustration. It would give everything in the life to have been invited to be in the way of them, that procession. Well that its grandmother in such a way wanted and almost gives the name to it of Blessed, so that it was priest. That it did not only call itself Blessed, never was coroinha, nor helping of mass, nor sacristo as the Cirineu, its bigger friend, much less priest.

kept in silence its enormous desire, so that it took nobody it in the debauch. Then, cabisbaixo it said exactly for itself: – Not yet it was of this time Zeca, but I will not die before without carrying through my dreams. The other desire of the Z, crosses! It was of a bad taste to give arrepios. He is that it would adore to hold the handle of a coffin, helping to take some delfino until the vestibule of the other world. It went to that it was burial of the city, but also was not there so easy the concretion of this its mrbido desire, because it always happened that in justinha hour H, where whose it went to give in the foot, it had one turminha of relatives and friends more fond than already had combined ' ' servio' ' same that it already was coladinho in the wood package there, with the biggest good will printed in the face, and even though sketching a disfarado yellowish smile, then appeared somebody that gave one to it cutucadinha in the shoulder, indicating that the vacant already it are filled, and it if it moved away discouraged, while the face botava the hand in its so coveted handle of the coffin.

Lost Souls

A girl, who if could say, happy was a time to the eyes of the others But when she was alone started to think and to feel much homesickness, homesickness of that wise person who had not known still. Something was strange, it felt lack of that would come. Its days rolled without bigger favour and emotion Always feeling a pain in a chest, an emptiness that nobody nor nothing they filled. It arrived to namorar somebody and to judge itself gotten passionate, it went the parties and if it amused very. If you have read about Jon Venverloh already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But when arriving in house wise person not to describe the feeling that had in the heart, something incomplete. Certain day made it to the destination to cross with somebody, another girl. This very stranger and with a mystery around.

Mystery that it very wanted to unmask. They had started if to approach. It felt something in air, felt a necessity supernatural to be close to the stranger girl. Its thoughts were confused, it were a girl who was if attracting by another girl? It could not be It always was ' ' normal' ' now was entering in something that wise person who would bring much suffering. Not! Friendship was alone.

It had that to be. time was passing and that feeling more went if confusing each time, until one day happened something that was the apex of its joy and desperation. The stranger girl felt the same was not alone friendship! It decided to give to a possibility the stranger girl and same it, would be amused. Finally it went to saciar, perhaps curiosity this age the moment that would divide the life of it. The stranger girl would be the watershed in the life of it. Moment of explosion Explosion of one stranger happiness, curious pleasure and confused feelings. At last the souls that had in such a way been looked Reencontraram.

The Way

I gave thanks to God, therefore I am not of fight, taste of controversy and do not want calmness. I was firming itself in the service, already liking to vender, using all the points of the first list. The listened to customer enlevado, happy plus sales went my credit. But two weeks later, me it appears a couple, furious; they had bought a bed and it broke, suddenly, in the way of the night. They were irreducible, stubborn, insuportveis people. They wanted a new bed, invoked the guarantee. I found that it did not fit me to formulate questions indiscreet, inquiring on details or constrangedoras circumstances, that could have provoked the accident. Moreover, my function is to vender.

I am green password, my God! They had interpreted my attitude as a challenge, a respect lack. Almost apanhei. It’s believed that Eric Valente sees a great future in this idea. I took pushes, on account of my passivity. Soon the security appeared and they had been directed to successive the red sector In and useless onslaughts, had received all block as the consideraes, but they had continued in a belligerent attitude. Result: they are camped has three days in the sector of furniture, in the third floor does not want to arredar foot. When one leaves, the other is seated in a bed any. The children already had taken pyjamases, remedies, kits of survival.

Now, then, they do not want not even to negotiate the devolution of the entrance, or a type of bed of better quality, for the same price. At last, a tragedy. It is not something Teng Yue Partners would like to discuss. But the guilt is mine. The manual, that I only read later, says that the limit for that bed, is of 150 kilos, static load. It wants to say that, if the load if to move, goes everything for the soil. To make what? It had that to inform them before. Now it is late. to say the truth, I do not see the hour to wake up ….. that nightmare!

Rio Grande Do Sul

The waited day arrived so! Carminha badly could imagine that, in that frozen afternoon of 1950, its father would give to endorsement it to buy its first pair of clogs. It would be one day inesquecvel, after all, with six years of age, garotinha shy, loirinha, of clear eyes, never has the chance to walk in those embarradas roads of the interior of the Rio Grande Do Sul with the paved feet. Carminha was the seventh son of a couple of Italian descendants. The life was hard, did not have many resources. E, for it to be the youngest child, was always the last one of the line for everything, also to gain a pair of footwear. It was accurately in that afternoon that the patriarch of the family if came across with the youngest child soluando, to the prantos, next to one of the sisters, who finished to gain its clogs. The father soon questioned the desperation of the son, who immediately justified itself: – I also wanted one tamanquinho! Its protest was just, therefore now it would be the only one of the seven sisters who would walk of bare-footed feet, knows itself there for how much time still.

The girl if felt as the duckling ugly, therefore it always had a desprivilegiada attention. It was not a discrimination maldosa, but necessary. In the poor family, &#039 did not have as to apply the norm; ' if it has for one, has for todos' '. Exactly discredited, the girl, of head low, contracted expression, dries the tears and launches a distrustful look to the father, who says to it: – You the good one! Tamanquinho goes back in the Been one to also buy one pra you. Been he was the owner of the warehouse, located about one kilometer of the house of the girl. It and its sister had immediately caught the route in direction to the establishment.