Inventory Status

It turns out that global stocks of food in terms of charge of a special organization, which exists under the wing of the UN – “Food and Agriculture Organization (Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO). That it must remain vigilant well-fed and hungry, so most of the numbers that will appear in this article are exactly of its reports. Thus, according to FAO, world food stocks, on average, the reserve for 60 days. That is, if it comes rider on a white horse, and shall destroy all crops, fields, fish farms, etc., then stocks in the closet humanity enough for about two months, and then have to eat each other. However, 60 days – it’s average, according to crops and other changing circumstances it may be reduced to 40 days or fly to 80. And the other extreme – it’s bad because it leads to fever in the food market.

Now begins a ridiculous statistic. Thus, major producer of food in the world are – winning horn, tra-ta-tam! – Industrialized countries! Western Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. These countries produce 50% of the total export of food on the planet. They engaged in ex port sandwiches starving brethren. The largest share of exports accounted for U.S. exports 13% of the world’s food issue to the surface they. And one of the largest importers of food is, of course, China, who gave but hopelessly unable to feed itself completely. In this population engaged in rural industries in Western countries usually do not exceed 3-4% of the total population, despite the fact that in South America farmers is about 40% to villages, and in Asia and Africa – from 60 to 90%. In Russia, if you are interested in, the share of employment in agriculture is, for a variety disagree with each other sources, from 15 to 30% of the population, but the food we bathe on their neighbors as themselves can not provide themselves. In this regard, the question naturally arises: what the hell? Why 90% of people in Bangladesh, laboriously spud turnips from dawn to dusk, is grown so sorry for her amount that they have to pick up handouts from the American Farm lions? While the latter spend more time for drinking beer and throwing darts at rural fairs and powerful than leaning forward on elektroplug.