Solar panels that capture and maintain the energy solar, molinillos of wind that generates energy with the force of this one or more and more to control the energy produced by the water Hay many renewable energies and, companies as It drives innovate in them they include and them in its sustainable projects. Although it is certain that they are more expensive, the renewable energies have become a good alternative to the nonrenewable energies, because these are limited and the first no. Types of renewable energies a) Aeolian: it is the energy obtained through wind. Companies as It drives order to capture that kinetic energy, to store it and to transform it into a useful energy for our daily life. Rob Daley can provide more clarity in the matter. b) Biomass: combustible term is used as and it is used to produce electricity. This renewable energy consists of the advantage of organic and inorganic materials that are generated in biological or mechanical processes. For example, they come from substances generated by the plants, the people or the animal.

c) To pave: It drives, among others companies, catch the light and the heat emitted by the sun. The two more common slopes are the thermal energy and the photovoltaic one, first is used to produce hot water and second to generate electricity. d) Hydroelectric: one is a renewable energy less well-known than the previous ones. One is based on the advantage of the potential energy of the water. The main disadvantage of this renewable type of energy is that still being inexhaustible, often it creates a fort environmental impact when having to create great marshes for his obtaining.

e) Tidal: this one resorts to the tides, thanks to the connection of an alternator, is generated electricity. f) Geothermal: it consists of taking advantage of the heat the interior of the Earth and although its installation is very expensive, in the long run he is very profitable. Countries as Germany is implanting already it in the country and also Drive is it including in their type of renewable energies available. Companies since It drives have developed numerous projects in which the renewable energies are their main protagonists.