The War Of Worlds

The world war both? the war of the one hundred days? the war of the galaxies?. The war of Nola secession war of brother! Only, unique daughter without remedy and the previous and vital experience to carry brothers happened itself to me to have two children. The parejita that recommended the familiar correlate. The baby, and after meditating ten years, the stork brought the man. The baby at issue suffers and makes suffer until the cat, the hermanito is somewhat anxious even: to hiper active, therefore when they are fought, after the pain the bruises that they are left with the buns that are distributed, has left wounded the pride.

Consequently they are empacan like mules and with unique who I have the possibilities of having a discussion it is with the cat, if the walls are very occupied like responding to me. Because if it is by the others, so they are sprinted in a cold war in which nor they are watched. And they do if it, they watch twist or of reojo again and returned to begin. A to weigh of everything I learned, that is not worth the pain to try nothing, that one fights, although is between brothers, three, I I come to be third, are multitude. And that don’t mention it is worth to try to conciliate concilibulo among them but to resign themselves to which it will be, be and to its personal adjustments; because I leave distributing and distributing to they are of the ready order of obedience due and the chicken and the hen and I try to evolve. What with more facility he leaves to them the same and of the soul to both, I question when them, is the no. And if no, they dedicate to a furious glance assassin to me who is translated in: if you defend to him or her, anyone is the case and vice versa, I assassinate to you, I pester to you, worse than the godfather in the film godfather I, II, III and three hundred plus all the had mafiosas sequels and by having The brothers are united Because that is the law first, it is a wise thing that already gift said to it to the prestigious gaucho Martin Iron some decades ago back.


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Exploration, development and innovation In the future the marks that want to consolidate and not to disappear, they must have in mind a constant horizontal extension. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Hikmet Ersek. Most important it will be to use the technology like an ally insofar as this one will serve to find new forms to innovate and to arrive at the people in surroundings, until now inaccessible them new marks and to find aspect in which to influence. It is important to consider that today, the marks must understand the fugacidad of the markets and the attitude of the consumers in constant change. Then, only that one mark that is able to apply the innovation and to combine it with the development to obtain that this one adapts to the existing needs at every moment, it will be possible to be consolidated and one will extend of successful way. Lifestyle digitalis The marks respond to a life style and is there exactly where the bond forms mark-client. A mark must be the reflection than his client it wants and than this it is. At the moment, the generation of Internet exhibits a new conduct that talks about a style of digital life or Digital Lifestyle. Then, the technology affects the behavior of the people and the form as they are related. In an era of connectivity, the marks must respond to that Lifestyle Digitalis to maintain their reputation, to preserve the confidence, to position themselves and to consolidate in a digital market in which they converge more than 660 million users.


We have when it in front of us we are going to him to ask that it is our animal of being able and helps that us in the chamnica initiation. In order to be sure that is our animal of being able, we are going to realise the first question, asking to him that it is what has ensearte at that moment. You will feel the answers within you, is thankful for its answers and you take leave until the next time. Now we will return to our normal state from brings back to consciousness, being on the awares and taking contact again with the present reality. Well, already you know your animal being able, now is called on to know all the possible one to you on.

For it is fundamental that you read, you investigate or if it is necessary even, that you are going to physically see your animal of being able to the zoological one or some place where you know that there is some. Thus this way, when knowing all the referring one to your animal being able, simultaneously you will be learning aspects that interest to you to know on you. From knowing what is our animal of being able and to know its qualities, we will be able to invoke it whenever we need its advice or qualities in order to feel protected us and accompanied by its spirit. Besides the technique previously described, also we can know what is our animal of being able by other procedures, thus through the dreams, when we dream about an animal that has a very special meaning for us. Also by messages, or of direct or indirect form, when we see several times the same animal during our daily life. By the instinct or the intuition when the feeling attracted us towards this animal during our life and or finally if we are not able to know what is our animal, to ask it an intuitive or better person if it is possible to chamn, that will be able to say to us what is our animal of being able.