Now that does not mean that you will not also be able to register your company name as a domain, of course you can, you can have five more domains under one website. -CONTENT: Content is one of the important sources to appear in search engines, search engines from time to time come to the web for new pages and content and if your content is related to your domain and relates to your words Key’ll have much more likely to be within the first 3 pages of any search that is related to the theme of your website, if you will work with flash let me tell you just because your friends are going to visit, do not have flash pages all content and pictures and codes are limited to the search engines to find information and position your business so you will not be found in any search related to what you sell.

-Keyword (MetTag: The keywords should be related to what you sell and that relates to your domain and content of your website. The idea of the keywords is that whenever someone else in the world and writes search box one of your keywords as your website will appear in the search, now it does not guarantee that you will be within the first 3 pages but may relate will occur if all like I’m explaining. The idea be in the search engines like GOOGLE is to appear within the first 3 pages of a search as the vast majority find what they want within three now, so that search engines like Google do you stand on these pages according to what you sell not is the name of your company as your employees and friends only know what they sell but they are looking for what you sell on the other side of the world does not know you so they will not put the name of your company in the box Google search, they placed in the Google search box for keywords related to its interest as I explained above..