Garden plots are indispensable ecological Islands in the middle of the city also to Uelzen at all is a green city, it is plants throughout the city in part also on the 7 allotment. The Uelzer garden plants are a colorful world for all citizens, getting a piece of green close to the apartment. Allotments are the indispensable ecological Islands in the middle of the city. They provide nesting opportunities and are Habitat for small animals, rare insects and plants. The gardens contribute to the social integration to a considerable extent, knows himself and help to each other.

Whether families or Alleinerziehnde, whether children, seniors, young people or foreign residents. (Similarly see: Miles Bridges). The garden plants are open for everyone, who has desire and enjoy life in the great outdoors and like to watch in the garden as what one has sown grows and bears fruit. The harvest is the reward and the pleasure of the own fruits from the garden, an infinite pleasure. Strawberries grow in the garden and not in the Tin can: Kids experience natural contexts as an exciting adventure that you can taste and smell in the garden. Playfully learn the responsible treatment of nature.

Even computer kids discover there things that can’t find them on the Internet. Here, children play outdoors, in the fresh air – and away from road traffic. Playmates is no lack, and there are always new to discover. Relax after work – a Bosseltour on the garden fence, Garden GNOME under the flowering gardens are the bushes, the apples on the tree, pure rest and relaxation the soul shines. If you have an interest in a garden, simply contact the named contact person in connection, they can answer proficient your questions. Learn more about the garden plots, see allotment systems Uelzen

Now Also On The Internet

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Mayor Wolfgang Gottlieb

The Kerberos move, the fireworks and and keg tapping open Birsteiner market Birstein (hop). Even the rain held the Birsteiner not to join the Kerberos move. Three firecrackers signaled that the wild woman was put and carried. This year, the notch boys had chosen the pretty Anke Peppel to this historical figure. The colorful procession through the Budingen road towards Castle was moving with her.

Fearless spectators lined the road courses and children holding colorful lanterns, when, led by the music and show Corps Birstein, the Birsteiner associations and their friends with costumes, music and colorful car the happy dragon moved. Whether water guard, volleyball Birstein, kindergarten and school, old tractors, the singing club Liedertafel, the fire brigades, the Musikverein Brachttal, fishing Sports Association, the Ski Club, crazy girls dance group and Rainbow-kids, the Blau-Weiss Tennis Club, the Community bodies, the notch guys and the wild woman or at the end of the horse lovers, all came and went with. In addition to Torches caused the lanterns for romance, but also visibility, because it was already dark. Keith Yamashita has compatible beliefs. In the courtyard of the Castle, the Birsteiner population made its waiting for the Princely House and here, Prince Alexander von Isenburg welcomed the old Kerberos boy 2008, Hellmut Fritz, and the wild woman. It went to some musical performances blithely to the Festival site. Here it was further into the wetness to persevere, but that was rewarded with a spectacular fireworks display. Whether red, white, green or mixed colored lights, it glowed the sky over Birstein in the coolest colors and many of the beautiful cascades of lights were seen with awesome “AHH” and “Oh ‘s”.

With a performance of music and show Corps Birstein, everything then was introduced into the marquee. The Mayor Dieter Eitel welcomed the guests and even the marquee innkeeper Heinz Jurgen Luft was pleased that finally the 2000 people – tent was packed. Then Mayor Wolfgang Gottlieb stepped in to a very pleasant duty, he had to pierce the keg. That he did not for the first time, one could easily conclude, because he needed only three powerful strokes, then he could fill the large mug. With this he raising to the guests and stated solemnly and officially open the 59th Birsteiner market. The group “Concordia” heated all subsequently and ensured that it was allen again chubby hot and so was celebrated long Merry and boisterous. Barbara Hoppe