Opening Of The First Permanent Trail Konigs Wusterhausen

In Konigs Wusterhausen trail was opened on August 21, 2009 of the 1st permanent IVV solemnly. In Konigs Wusterhausen trail was opened on August 21, 2009 of the 1st permanent IVV solemnly. Thus, there are three hiking routes of its kind in the State of Brandenburg now by the German public sports association (DVV). Operators are the exemplary cooperative interaction Berliner touring Spandau e.V. and the tourism Dahme Lakes Association of Konigs Wusterhausen. Before the Office of tourist information, that is in the future start/finish for the walkers, Walker found opening next to the press and publicly known persons numerous interested, active trekking and Nordic walking. All those present have launched to the opening ceremony on the success of the new institution with a glass of sparkling wine.

Dana Klaus of the tourism Dahme Lakes Association, circle way we’re of Andreas Peters and Horst Zander, Chairman of the touring Spandau e.V. in their speeches idea, preparation, establishment and future operation of the first IVV presented trail in Konigs Wusterhausen. Then are with a preparation time of only four weeks three different hiking routes of 6, 12 and 22 km have been approved, marked, written out to the IVV-hiking trail and made public in the public. Permanent IVV trail means: ranking distance at any time available for hikers and Nordic walkers. Evaluation is according to the rules of the DVV aiming at the acquisition of the popular sports badge of the IVV. With mutually positive effect for their respective interests the two associations of operators expect an increasing popularity and many hikers and Nordic Walker. Symbolically, they cut the white Red Ribbon at the start and goal in the tourist office in Konigs Wusterhausen at the opening of the trail. In the aftermath of the celebrations went 51 hikers on the trails. 20 participants took the route of 22 km and the other completed the 12 km route, all together with an overall positive balance in assessing the routes. Who would like to have more information, get them on the Web sites of the operators of the first permanent trail of King Wusterhausen under and

Muscle Building: Protein And Muscles

What must be observed if the muscle? Even optimal training can only lead to the desired success, if there is a balanced i.e. balanced diet. It all nutrients are required to, that are required for the physical and mental activities. The main nutrients must be adjusted accordingly carbs, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. Especially carbohydrates and fat provide energy. Protein is used only for the production of energy, if these are not sufficient. Therefore it is so important to have sufficient nutrients, because otherwise the valuable protein in the muscles is burned. Contact information is here: Daniel Gafford. Extra large is protein – demand growth and in athletes.

Here daily 1 g per kg of body weight should be added, in order to counteract the muscle breakdown. When strength training to build muscle is performed, the demand is higher and may be at 2-3g per kg of body weight. This demand can be satisfied hardly by the natural diet, there the protein-rich food, milk, eggs and meat as much fat or purines contain, they are again unhealthy. Therefore, most concentrated protein supplements are recommended. In addition, these preparations contain high quality protein and an amino acid composition selected especially for your muscles. The optimum composition of food can cause the desired success but only in combination with the right training method in the muscle. Especially the alternation between load and recovery plays a crucial role. It should be never charged to the limits, but only about 75% of maximum force used.

After the exercise, an adequate recovery period must be connected. Each training unit should consist of training, warm-up and cool-down phase. It adjoins the regeneration. Protein intake is both before and after the training important, because it can be stored in a not good. Responds the muscles especially in the resting phase between workouts and can the Fed protein in the muscle cells build a. At best, these theoretical principles into practice can be implemented if the athlete is his individual goals, which can be achieved with a training and nutrition plan. Markus Uchegbu

12-hour Cycling Marathon From Schwanenstadt

Valentin Zeller makes Upper Austria uncertain back to the roots of the Upper Austrian extreme cyclists Bad Ischl moved back to his hometown. u0085 12h race in Swan city as the next target. Getting up early is for the Bad Ischl extreme cyclist Valentin Zeller on May 12, 2008. Point 6: 00 in the morning begins in the Upper Austrian town of Swan that 12 hours race, where back endurance and perseverance are needed. For 12 hours a circuit is driven by 9.8 km winner is the one who travels the most kilometres in this time. This competition is the first of four competitions, the 30 years not even 50 days will make, because also are planned: the 15th Amade Radmarathon (19.5), the Glockner man (5-7.6) and race across the Alps (20.-21.6.).

“Back to the roots that calls home after a great time in Carinthia private reasons have attributed Zeller in his homeland now lives in his the native Upper Austrian hometown bath Ischl. Training is not only in Upper Austria, Austria. In the past few months, Valentin was also on training camp in Majorca and in Ireland. In spring the weather conditions in Austria were not the best”, says the extreme athlete. The snow and cold weather have hampered training in the mountains”. That was also the reason why Zell has moved the 24-hour scheduled for early may in altitude world record attempt on the early autumn. Now, the focus is on the events is set in May and June and that I am”, says Valentin. More information at or (12h race Schwanenstadt)