Rocky Balboa

With great pleasure I comment that I inaugurate my blog with a critique in the aftermath of one of my favorite movies of all time: Rocky. As you know, the first installment of this film marked the launch to stardom of his hero Sylvester Stallone, and is also an Oscar winner for best picture in 1976 (and look in that year was also Taxi Driver, another great film). This time, Stallone after 16 years of the now distant Rocky V, he decided to film this (now if) latest installment of the boxing saga. In this new film I have to say that although the first time I saw her I felt something was missing, seeing it a second time …… I feel like I still missing something, but I think an end more than worthy for this character. The thing about this tape is not defined if the tonic “commercial” or “more independent” like the first Rocky (with low budget and based more on situations and dialogues in the spectacular fights.) It notes the absence of Thalia Shire (The Adrian Rocky) and in the first scenes we see why ……

I never knew what is the behind the scenes, or if there was a problem between her and Stallone was consensual and she did not appear (considering that she appears in the official release in “Red Carpet”). The story itself is good, a conflict deep inside the boxer who can take a lesson at any level regardless of this, but I sense that the development of this conflict is that “punch” (save me a boxing term for vary) to make it to have the desired effect. If you would like to know more about Western Union, then click here. The character of the child even though over the years continues to show that particular immaturity evident in Rocky V and (at that was understood was a teenager) but this still has to be guided by his father. The brother Paulie (Burt Young) is shown doing the same (cutting meat and drinking liquor) a little reminding us of the beginnings Paulie. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Crawford Lake Capital and gain more knowledge.. As a wink to the first Rocky turtles appear (and older kids), the boxer Spider Rico (who plays a cook in the restaurant Rocky owned), Nina Marie (yes, one that commanded the devil in Rocky Balboa) and older kids.

And of course, could not miss the training that Guess? on the stairs just in front of the statue of Rocky at the Museum of the City of Philadelphia. Incidentally, the training level I did not like (at the beginning of the song “Gone Fly Now” we see an arthritic Rocky struggling with all kinds of equipment and exercises and end of the same song and has a “supercondition” .) Rocky’s opponent, Mason “The Line” Dixon (played by real boxer Antonio Tarver) because there is nothing salvageable in the histrionic aspect. So his dialogue is very short. He threw more blows than words. Finally a good film to dry more thrilling in parts of the memories that brings novelty it brings. I rate an 8.

Business Profitable

When you talk about building a business on the internet, the first thing that comes to mind is that it will be fast, I don’t know exactly why, maybe because bombard us constantly by internet with the idea of creating a business on the internet is going to be something easy and fast. Further away from reality, never think that whoever wants to create a profitable business, either by internet or by another site and more when it comes to serious business, must be the mindset that as all businesses must be slow and safe if what we want is to find a system of life through an internet business. Throughout the experience that I have in internet business, I have to say for myself that still I did not anything fast and effective, of course, that when one already did its job, it is then, and not before when perhaps begin to leave things more quickly, but we should not forget that what was done before is the result of an effort that later are rewarded with successful achievements and that seem to have been rapid. Which is to say, to carry out any business with which you want to to succeed, you must work hard, be devoted and expect results in the future and not immediately. The internet business therefore if what you want is to achieve stability in time should be relaxed and full of everyday learning since it will be the only way to create a successful and durable business.