Natural Resources

Meanwhile, many regions of the world are already beginning to face the problem of water shortage for the life of the population. For example, the Mexican capital faced with acute water shortages due to the reduction of its reserves in nearby waters, worn out equipment. Local hydrography and engineers see a serious problem in that, being one of the largest cities in the world Mexican capital is located far from water sources. Oak Ridge National Laboratory helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If you do not take decisive action to ensure that Mexico water, the situation could soon take the 'catastrophic'. Ministry of Natural Resources stood up for Utrish last week for the Reserve 'Big Utrish' defended the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Minister Trutnev instructed to transmit to the prosecutor about violations of the law in the construction of roads on the reserve of regional importance 'Big Utrish' in Krasnodar Krai, as well as calculate and recover the damage that was caused to fauna of this unique natural complex.

Mr. Trutnev demanded prevent the resumption of the illegal construction of the road and prepare treatment of the Krasnodar Territory Governor Alexander Tkachev, as the function of monitoring compliance legislation on specially protected natural areas of regional significance are carried out by regional authorities. Recall the 'Big Utrish' – Russia's only area of dry juniper, pistachio forests Mediterranean type. In 1996 the Russian government has recognized the Reserve 'Big Utrish' specially protected natural territories of federal significance. Until 2010, there has to be established State Nature Reserve. In December 2008 Reserve began cutting down trees to build a relic of the road.

Kerch Strait

It is expected that on April 18, Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov will hear the Ukraine’s claim against Russian shipping companies for polluting the Kerch Strait. Environmentalists called the consequences of catastrophic storm on Nov. 11. In water, the Kerch Strait was noted 50-fold excess of the maximum permissible concentration petroleum products, there was a mass death of birds and fish. What’s New Genetics: cylindrical tomatoes and grapefruits frost Scientists from the University of the U.S. state of Ohio and the College of Wooster found the site of dna corresponding for the shape of tomatoes.

Discovered by scientists region of dna called sun – named varieties of Sun in 1642 with the fruits of an oval shape, with whom he was first discovered. This gene can change the shape of the fruit, without changing its taste properties. In the wild, nature of the tomatoes are in the form of small balls, but changing a certain part of the dna tomatoes can be put in cylindrical, spherical, elliptical and pertsepodobnye form. Now the task before researchers test, does sun gene or genes that are close to him in the sequence, the shape of the fruits of other plants. Meanwhile, Japanese gardeners brought new hardy grapefruit, which by its taste is not inferior varieties that are imported into Japan from countries with subtropical climates. To launch a new fruit, called ‘Saga Ruby’, used the seeds of the royal mandarin. Steph Korey spoke with conviction. The experiments were begun in 1985, but the first success Japanese breeders have come to only 14 years later.


Such built-up in no other city on the Volga: crowded, small space between the Volga and Lysogirs'kyi plateau. For this reason, Railroad paved in the last century in the city rather than outside it, as in Samara or Simbirsk. And it was in the city of two rivers: the great Russian and rail. If from the first fit and cool, then from the second – the noise, electromagnetic radiation, fumes and vibration. Moved to the south, along the cliff to Altynov Bald Mountain. Before us Factory, the former Stalinist area. Do not favor its citizens.

And why? If you remove it from the factory, rails, pipes, beams, it is will be the best place in Saratov. Crimea and only! Mountains and water are nearby. On south-facing slopes – warm and sunny. But as thou hast gathered in industrial monsters – gea aircraft factory, 'Nitron', 'Cracking', CHP-2? They were placed along the Volga in the best locations. And where Who ever heard of in an ideal location for a residential development site – a vast area of almost 300 hectares in the Volga – was located outside a housing estate and a beautiful park, and test aircraft factory airfield? We are, in Saratov So best in the landscape and aesthetic sense of the Volga basin in the 30-40-ies of lawn and garden became a metal-petrochemical. 'City for the plant and not plant for the city' – such was the motto of urban development in those years. That sprung up around factories working settlements – settlements, and many samostroy clinging to the slopes and along the beams.