Strike Medical

A few days ago I was walking through the streets of Puente Piedra, in cone North of Lima, was midday, it provoked to do so because the Sun was suddenly shining a white Station Wagen, with 4 people inside it flowed slowly along the Avenue, evacuating a few screams as watchful that they met their schedule! Denuncielos neighbor, pay them to work! and other expressions more, I continued walking, not I realized what it was that I hear doctors scoundrels!, hold your car! – said letting out the profanity-, truck in mention was stopped for the traffic light and I approached, instandoles respectfully that do not express such rudeness, for my uniform they deduced that he was a physician and began to propagate worst vulgarities and as not progressed car, despite being in green light traffic light, the honking drew the attention of the Serenazgo and a traffic police eventually had to shut up and retire because I had the happy idea of asking them the municipal authorization to propagate propaganda through the streets, permit that does not they had, by his uniform were workers of the Ministry of health that caught my concern was a little hostile behavior of villagers wagered on the sidewalk in the incident and that fact is exactly what motivates the following reflections background the philosopher Plato, pupil of Socrates, in his written dialogues wrote that there were two kinds of doctors, unos-la minority – serving the rich, the owners of slaves, who attended with the utmost respect, education and best lotions, creams and enjunjes, in exchange for economic and social privileges and others – the majority – who attended the slaves in the midst of shouts, inhospitalities and with poor therapeutic resources in exchange for poor pay also, centuries after the historical materialism you gave a scientific interpretation to this division. Likewise, today, there are people in Peru – the minority – who has never set foot in an establishment of the MINSA, ESSALUD, because they have private insurance that gives them coverage for attend the private system of health both in the country and abroad, especially USA; as long as the vast majority of Peruvians have only coverage in the mentioned estblecimientos. . .

Property Valuation, Approaches

Paramount importance assessment of the property has the solution to invest in commercial real estate finance, the estimate is carried out. At this time, the main common types of evaluation is to estimate precisely commercial real estate, which includes the assessment of property rights or other rights. But an independent assessment of the property is, in fact, the definition of its current value. Professional experts are usually offered services real estate appraisals of several key species. So, we can assess the commercial real estate, commercial and evaluate commercial real estate office, real estate appraisal warehousing, real estate appraisal industrial and other real estate.

During the real estate valuation takes into account the size of income, risk and time associated with his receipt. An assessment of commercial property takes into account the many Other factors influencing the ability of commercial property, which estimate is carried out to generate income. Further details can be found at Allison Kanders, an internet resource. Based assessment of the property is on three main approaches: cost, revenue and comparative. Making real estate appraisal, property analysis, the location of commercial real estate, commercial real estate environment, the appraiser determines the market value of a particular commercial real estate assessment which he conducts. For the evaluation of the commercial real estate appraiser uses a variety of assessment approaches within each of which there are many of their original assessment methods. General There are three main approaches to the assessment of income-generating real estate: cost, comparison (market) and yield. Costly method of assessing real estate answers the question: how today is to build this building commercial real estate? A comparative approach to determining market value takes into account what price would be sold at any given time a property, determine the market value of which this case. In the case of real estate assessment value is the main income approach.

Services appraiser can not be avoided in many cases. In fact, professional assessment of commercial property needed for any deal with real estate. A report on the assessment of commercial real estate is a legal document required for obtaining a loan and the organization of the company. Pay attention to the fact that the assessment of commercial property can implement only a professional appraiser.