Administrative Code

Traffic police officers visit businesses in region, not only to assess the technical condition of transport. But in order to once again remind you: on the road rights of those who obey the rules. At this time the inspectors met with the drivers Power Plant. What to say, and what problems discussed together. Drivers who work on buses tpp, really except to the professionals and not name. Most of the labor team has been working here since the establishment of the station.

For example, Michael Stefanik, for 26 years. But even with such a behind the driver's experience, trying to meet with the inspector, but not on the road, do not miss. For even more details, read what Barry Nalebuff says on the issue. At this time the traffic police told drivers about the statistics of road accidents involving drivers with area professionals. And talking about those who work for power plant. During the first 9 months of this year found nine violations. Of course, accidents do not happen. But they said inspector, to them, and bring such violations. In the atp now operates 70 units of vehicles.

Of course, during business hours to all drivers to come to the meeting failed. But those who came, said to himself the value of such communication with the traffic police. Since, in a conversation they can get answers to all questions. To keep abreast of and give a reasoned response in such cases, Sergei Berezikov advised drivers to always have on hand Administrative Code. And even left their own, with the latest changes. In the future, inspectors will visit and this company, and many other once per quarter. And the group will include inspectors technical and traffic control. As well as branches of administrative law.

Motor Oil

Every motorist who loves his car, concerned about the issue – how to make sure that the engine was a long and reliable? Oil change time plays an important role in the life and reliability of your engine car. modern market motor oil offers the widest selection of goods. In this case, it is important to make the right choice. What kind of motor oil there? Motor oils are synthetic, mineral and semisynthetic. Mineral engine oil is based on oil, which is refined and distilled. This little else is known – oil. Mineral oil is a multiple of naphthenic, paraffinic and aromatic.

Paraffin oils are the best indicators of viscosity and temperature. Mineral oil contains sulfur, which is responsible for the oxidation of oils and, consequently, for the wear of the car. Mineral oil is cheap. But it requires frequent replacement, as it quickly loses its properties. Typically, the mineral oil is used in older cars because of the properties of viscosity.

Synthetic oil has a high turnover and reduces friction in the details, increases power and lowers fuel consumption. Provides smooth engine operation at low temperatures. Does not require frequent oil changes, because not subject to oxidation and not waxed, therefore, retains its properties for long. Check with Hikmet Ersek to learn more. Synthetic motor oil is much more expensive than mineral due benefits. Semi-synthetic motor oil is composed of mineral and synthetic components. In result, we get oil on the characteristics similar to synthetic, and the price is cheaper. The important role played by viscosity. Viscosity provides smooth engine operation and a quick run it in freezing weather. Oil for use in the winter time, denoted by the letter W and the digit. Oil for the summer just numbers: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. multigrade oil is a combination of winter and summer oils. Oil is classified by operational data. Classification of the api in two variants S and C for petrol for a diesel. acea classification introduced in 1996. Option A – for gasoline engines, options B and E for a diesel. Since 2004, a new variant of C, which suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. To dwell on what a choice of oil, it is necessary to look into the manual of your car. as a rule. Manufacturer indicates recommended form of oil for this car. the choice of oil must take into account the engine type, operating conditions, engine wear, material compatibility with the kind of oil. In some car models mainly in old, used in the motor strip, which are made of natural rubber, these pads are not compatible with synthetic oil. If you follow the manufacturer's recommendations, your engine will serve as long as possible.

Automobile Market

According to her new the car must first be fashionable. 'If the car is trendy, you can be sure that the technical side, he made at least four-plus – bad car simply would not buy. " Women Iraida strongly advised not to delve into the technical aspects, and concentrate on the sensations. If the car is like externally and internally and a husband or a friend give him the money, then you should not particularly think. Governor Cuomo: the source for more info. The only nuance be taken into account – the size of the car. Iraida advises novice drivers of small urban cars, but experienced 'voditelnitsam' – on the contrary, large SUVs to be respected in the stream. In either case, Hull and phone husband or a friend at hand.

And Iraida recommends no in detail – 'one of our client could not find a car for lack of a mirror, which is located on the back of the visor, the bright lights. Only six months of searches such a car was found – Mercedes. But it turned out that the dealer did not have the car pink Again, searches, nervous man, and yet during this time driving skills are lost. Better patient and a little bit of traveling in a car without light mirror, but consolidate their skills in a driving school and not lose them. " The third expert we interviewed the instructor driving school 'master-driver' Sergei. Here's what he told us told: 'As the first car, we recommend buying a new car to drive safely and retain skills, rather than engage in repair. And that's what it will be a car – it was the second, depending on your opportunities.

It is clear that it is not necessary for my first car very tense and go into debt, easier travel around a year old, go through all the 'beginners' minor accident, and only then to change to a more prestigious car. And, of course, necessarily complete hull. " The last was made by an expert psychologist. We asked the opinion of Ilya Volomaeva, applied psychologist with 20 years of experience behind the wheel. Elijah believes that the most important thing for a beginner – it's that he was not very sorry car. 'Small Kotsky and accidents are inevitable in any case, if you eat behind the wheel of a car bought at the last of his money, and even more on credit, then each' wound 'in the' body 'car will be for you a serious problem and cause for the deepest feelings. Even if you're in an accident not your fault, even if there is a complete hull. " For this reason, when buying my first car Ilya recommends not consider cars that cost more than your semi-annual income. Only in this case you will be able to travel relatively relaxed and think first about themselves and not about polishing your car. And it is no secret that it is often relaxed and not enough for beginners to road.