Television remains one of the most effective media vehicles and has the lowest value of contact (CPP) at the highest technical coverage. It also has good selectivity impact on the target audience. It turns out that advertising on tv is the cheapest form of advertising and if you think you spend a million rubles to the press or on tv, in any case more appropriate to choose the latter. At the same time but must take into account several factors, such as the current restrictions on advertising products that fall under the Law on Advertising, the nature of the target audience, budget, competitors and others Surviving the stage of rapid growth, new opportunities for advertisers today provides cable television. tv ads on cable and satellite channels – an innovative and promising trend in the development of modern advertising market. tv advertising – one of the most inexpensive and effective tools of marketing communications. A television advertising, planned not only to the socio-demographic characteristics of the audience, but her interests, the more effective. It is placing tv ads on niche channels allows maximum coverage of high-yield and, as a rule, inaccessible part of the population.

Television is the most powerful tool any advertising campaign, regardless of what the advertiser is selling – fmcg or image of future policy. Advantages of tv advertising tv advertising – “mass” advertising, advertising on television – the most “Obsession” tv ads have the highest ratings among the target audience, tv advertising has low-cost exposure to 1% of the population (CPP). tvc provides the largest number of available contacts. Television advertising reaches a broad coverage in a short period of time. Advertising on TV: – the greatest opportunity to hold the attention – the ability to simultaneously use a lot of advertising stimuli (Picture, color, movement, printed and spoken language) – the best tool for rote. Advertising on tv has good selectivity effects on the target audience. Television advertising has effect as on the national and regional levels. Placement of tv commercials is possible in different time intervals, using clips of different durations, using the program with different themes. Advertising on tv – the perfect tool to showcase the new product.