Steve Alpizar

The hardest part for the achievement of life changes is to withstand adversities generated by negative beliefs, which cling to stay, refuse to die, this is something that brings many disadvantages, for example many years ago he watched as a person already it was an adult and still lived with his parents, consciously expressed his desire to leave this House and begin its independence, but whenever he was about to achieve his goal appeared thousands of circumstances that forced it to return to the same position, why? Because that person had installed in his subconscious that had to live with their parents, finally achieving independence but was quite arduous task. When a limiting belief is affecting drastically our lives normally this is called resistance of the mind, or resistance to change, has deep spiritual implications, it is necessary to put a large share of conscious sacrifice in order to bring about change. Information in our interior clings in incredible shape, but if we insist on the opposite direction with greater strength, negative belief must necessarily be weakened and eventually fall or lease, it is therefore essential that your desire is burning, fight day and night in what you want despite adversity. The resistance of a negative belief is nothing more than a manifestation of power, now imagine that force in the direction of your wishes, is a wonderful thing, and that is precisely their mission, achieve reroute power, for navigating in the direction of the current and not against. In the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will understand the reasons because a belief seeks to maintain it and most importantly, removed from his life all the negative information that is an obstacle for the life you want, reading this book will change your perception of the world and create an organized along with your wishes reality.