Such built-up in no other city on the Volga: crowded, small space between the Volga and Lysogirs'kyi plateau. For this reason, Railroad paved in the last century in the city rather than outside it, as in Samara or Simbirsk. And it was in the city of two rivers: the great Russian and rail. If from the first fit and cool, then from the second – the noise, electromagnetic radiation, fumes and vibration. Moved to the south, along the cliff to Altynov Bald Mountain. Before us Factory, the former Stalinist area. Do not favor its citizens.

And why? If you remove it from the factory, rails, pipes, beams, it is will be the best place in Saratov. Crimea and only! Mountains and water are nearby. On south-facing slopes – warm and sunny. But as thou hast gathered in industrial monsters – gea aircraft factory, 'Nitron', 'Cracking', CHP-2? They were placed along the Volga in the best locations. And where Who ever heard of in an ideal location for a residential development site – a vast area of almost 300 hectares in the Volga – was located outside a housing estate and a beautiful park, and test aircraft factory airfield? We are, in Saratov So best in the landscape and aesthetic sense of the Volga basin in the 30-40-ies of lawn and garden became a metal-petrochemical. 'City for the plant and not plant for the city' – such was the motto of urban development in those years. That sprung up around factories working settlements – settlements, and many samostroy clinging to the slopes and along the beams.