Scientific Administration

Historian E.P. Thompson would write later that in & ldquo; modern capitalism, the employees feel a distinction enter the time of the master and its proper time. (Corrosion of the Character & ndash; p. 43). For the Scientific Administration the efficiency concept is very important.

The beginning of the efficiency if it relates with the best way by which the things must be made or be executed (work methods), so that the resources (people, machines, raw materials, etc) are applied of rational form. Its concern inhabits in the ways, with the planned methods in order to assure the otimizao of the available resources. Of this form, the concern with the efficiency in the Private Administration was an appropriate concept for the Public Administration and a newness does not reveal. Contrary to the thought that reigned before the Industrial Revolution, valued the work and chose the concept of that all the person is motivated to work to be granted money awardee and with a better life, better wages and social ascension.