Sales Force Automation

In this article we try to present an explanation of the way how technology could be used to support improvement in business productivity initiatives. This is not achieved only with the implementation of information systems, it is much more than that. In this article we present the scope of which may imply a process of systematizing processes as technology and commercial plays an important role when working on the optimization of the plenacion and commercial implementation. With this phrase or its abbreviation in English (SFA Sales Force Automation), is has been identifying a number of elements that have to do with how to achieve greater productivity in the commercial management of organizations and processes. Unfortunately, there is much confusion and I would dare to say that lack of knowledge on good practices to implement consistent productivity improvements commercial and unfortunately the technology sector has been one of the major causes of this confusion, and even many of the failures of the implementation of SFA and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to the interior of the organizations.

It would be very pretentious to attempt to cover a topic so vast and complex with a single article, so we’re going to develop this interesting concept in multiple deliveries. In this installment we will discuss basic concepts and needs that can lead to ask an organization inside the fact of having information systems applied to the work of selling. What is SFA?. Well, for its acronym in English refers to Sales Force Automation, that normally in Spanish is translated as sales force automation. This sounds like a robotize sellers or something similar. As it has been happening in recent decades, this is one of those terms invented by the technology industry of computing and software in its effort to invade all aspects of business life, which isn’t bad, but it should be consistent and organized.