Russian -year-old

Information on imported goods should be provided in Russian. Parents want to develop the child, and children ask Barbie 30 of 40 the parents surveyed who have children aged 3 to 12 years, was named chief criterion for selection of toys to develop it option. Leaders of parental preference – mosaics, designers, and kits for children's creativity. And a special paste for modeling, frozen in the oven, and the usual rags, rope, which exist in every home. 4Moms is often quoted on this topic. But the children do not share the parental preference. More information is housed here: Hikmet Ersek. A third of parents surveyed are willing to indulge the whims of children wishing to toy 'like in the TV. " Helena, mother 7-year-old girl: In my opinion, electronic dogs, owls 'Furby', and so only amuse the adult ego.

I buy children just developing igrushkiEkaterina, mother of 4-year-old girl: I try to fly toys with the possibility of modifying and creation. Buy dolls, but we are immediately remove the original clothes and put on a homemade patchwork. We have a fuse mosaic and paste 'FIMO' (clay frosting at high temperatures). Toys, as such, almost did not buy, mainly 'consumables'. Zaha, mother of 6-year-old girl: You should be attentive to the wishes of children, sometimes they are very genuinely want a toy that, from the viewpoint of parents, useless. I friend told a story from childhood about how it is to tremble at the knees like Barbie dolls. We have these dolls are not sold, although parents who have worked abroad, she could buy it.