Reflect Practice

This short I write post with the aim of wishing it them all very Merry Christmas. My majors desires to all you, that they go it incredible surrounded by his dear beings; family, friendly, pair, etc. That the love, the happiness, the affection, and coexistence is the center of this great day, and that happiness remains with you the next year and every year that is about to come. Also it would want to share a message to them that arrived to me by email and I liked much. It tries on the meaning of Christmas, that besides the religious meaning which all already we know, also we would have to put in practice in this so special day, and which unfortunately often seems we are forgetting that it, and we took this day of pretext to make other things out of place. In fact this is something that we would have to put in practice every day of our life, and not only in Christmas. Next I present/display east message to them: That it is Christmas? If you have enemies, reconcliate with them, Christmas is Peace.

If in your heart you have pride, sepltala, Christmas are Humility. If you have debts, pgalas before spending everything, Christmas is Justice. If you have sins, arrepintete and convirtete, Christmas is to be born to the Spirit. If you have poor men to your side, aydalos, Christmas is a Don. If in your mind you have shades and doubts, illuminate your thoughts, Christmas is Light.

If you have errors, it thinks and it reflects, Christmas is Truth. If you have sadnesses and preoccupations, algrate, Christmas is Joy. Perfect Christmas does not exist, only Christmas that your you decide to create How reflected of your values, desires, loves and traditions. Christmas they are not gifts, before giving to your relatives and friendly a physical gift.