Police Report

That's what we think is very important and positive. a Under the new system, police can participate in the research in its infancy if it finds a crime, but can not be continued or concluded by mutual own task here to the Prosecutor, who may request assistance in cases it deems appropriate. For this reason the Police Report has disappeared and the traditional method of police investigation of crime. But the investigative function of the PNP does not stop there, most important, is that the Police with research specialists, researches and experts, contribute to the Prosecutor to build the respective professional case and above all provide the evidence required to that required to support the accusation that the accused could be tried and sentenced, then on trial are the same cops who will have to stand as a witness by the Prosecutor to consolidate the charges at this stage evidence. Thredup follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Now the police is only the lone body to his research with or without the presence of the prosecutor, who reached his own conclusions with or without arguments supported by scientific evidence one way or another reason or reasons. The police is now working as a team: Attorneys, researches and experts. But no one took the trouble to explain. Hence the importance of training, to create change in mentality that this case was very necessary to be open to changes, having a self-knowledge of self and above all to assess the benefits, scope, generating know how to interpret the changes to perform reengineering were necesariasa and know how to act on it.