Plata Basin

These distinguished entities of good public, that they should not be confused with the concept of non-governmental organizations, start mostly at the belle epoque which we are alluding represent; they contain the everyday life of the majorities, they provide pictures to the political leadership, and especially they are generating a permanent synergy, in aptitude and ability to process or metabolize the stimuli that may come to them more beyond of its counties neighborhoods or towns. This myriad of micro concrete utopias, creatively absorb major utopias and is made are not adequately weighted, in assessing the capacity of assimilation, resistance or denial of Latin American majorities, from recurrent attempts of hegemonizacion from other latitudes have not had, nowhere near, the intention to carry out an exhaustive enumeration of utopias. Check with Keith Yamashita to learn more. Only the preceding list, is an invitation to each, if it so wishes, can make your own list or survey. Some may even include some and exclude others. Sometimes becomes me what is known as the belle epoque in the world and in the Plata Basin, was a period conducive to the flourishing of utopias. I nevertheless find utopias that preceded this stage and some others, not many, who succeeded them.

Will have they had something to do with that circumstantial owershadowing, conceptions of historical materialism, psychoanalysis or Existentialist currents? Most these utopias are active or latent in the vital flow of our countries. Perhaps become sharper, if the focus level rural regions, small and medium-sized towns or neighbourhoods in large cities and metropolises. There you can perceive them are interacting fecundamente. If the real continuity, symbolized in the Mobius strip, is something that can be verified. If everything that exists, as we mentioned above, it preexists, subsists or coexists. Then there is energy accumulated in the information that encourage or encouraged these utopias, that can be activated, with the intelligence, memory and the desire that each is willing to contribute. In this regard, occurs to us high-value, the notion implied in the technologies of communication and information, considered these in a spectrum of possibilities that not only includes computers linked by modem to different networks, but encompassing broadcasting, cinematography, television, photography, sound recording, scanner and copier.

All of these technologies interact, generate our way of seeing, a synergy extremely appropriate to empower the utopias, update them and put them at the service of the quality of life of our peoples, provided that its idiosyncrasies are meticulously respected, and to avoid different sceneries tamper attempts, in advance sentenced to failure. Most utopias, have a restriction: what is known as a phenomenon of bureaucratization. In our opinion the utopias and bureaucracies are antagonistic. But utopias in action as bureaucracies in action, are respectively, people with utopian attitudes and people with bureaucratic attitudes. It seems that human relationships face to face, attenuate the risks of bureaucratization. And this is not a problem of the continent but of the human adventure. They are contradictory aspects part of life, that some believe that it should absorb and process and others that must be resolved. Anyway it is opting to concrete utopias; why we have mentioned or why not know; for the old, the new and renovated utopias. They will be attitudes from where the challenges implicit in globalization may be processed. From these creative responses that make may give to the constant improvement of the quality of life of our people.