Northern Beaches

In the north coast beaches are generally deeper and ocean, and thus colder. Open to the Caribbean, and along a generally more rugged coast give us a view and a very different experience to which we mentioned earlier. In this long coast there for every taste: From the fishing villages such as Manzanillo and Guayacan, to small coves collected and Costanza, the stunning beauty of Puerto Cruz, the loneliness of Puerto Escondido and comfort of neighboring Puerto Viejo, the beautiful and picturesque Pedro Gonzalez, with no waves beach ideal for children and their houses boulevard very well dressed, a perfect beach for families to visit during the week, but down along the coast Playa Caribe is, curious wedge-shaped beach that gives the impression of being two different beaches in one, with its small island a short distance and can be reached relatively easily, including swimming and walking, when the height of the tide permits. Already towards the Greek town of Juan passed by the Playa La Galera, truly deep and extremely cold, but really beautiful and well worth a visit. From John Greek, which unfortunately is polluted beach, take the road, along the entire coast, takes us to the airport, spend many beaches and fishing villages, you can go and visit up to the population La Guardia with its long beach that ends butting at a point difficult to determine, with the National Park Beach Laguna de La Restinga, this is the longest beach on the island, almost one third of the length of the island on its north side, this beach is a good stretch of sand separating the sea from a gaping hole filled with mangroves and fauna that is well worth visiting. .