Movie Gift Hipsters

Title of the film Original title Hipsters Hipsters Who can give fans of musicals and social dramas, fans of rock music, members of different subcultures, senior relatives are on the Holidays New year, the Old New Year's Day, music, movies Day One of the company went around the table talking about local music films. It was unanimously praised the good old musical comedy, vaudeville and musicals, emphasizing that currently do not do this. It is true, but only partly, I decided to speak out, and resulted in more than a worthy example of modern representative of the genre – the movie "Dudes." Bright, spectacular, not without a sense of musical numbers and wonderfully made – and look nice, and the disc as a gift for a holiday present to be ashamed. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that some of those present at the conversation musicals fans refuse to acknowledge even the high quality picture. Even as it became a wonder, how could such a rejection of many. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala recognizes the significance of this. In the course of trying to understand the reasons for rejection became clear prelyubopytnaya thing: almost everyone who was not the best opinion on the film, to blame him … advertising! "Hipsters" were released December 25, 2008, on the Catholic Christmas eve and New Year's favorite publicly. It's no secret that the post-Soviet space, roughly from late December to mid January and (At best), all live the upcoming festival. On a serious think is bad, the soul yearns for fun and celebration.