Money Safe

Just as when we ask for a mortgage to a financial institution we analyzed without mercy, before deciding whether or not we are worthy of such privilege, now we must of do exactly the same. Ratios used by entities to “judge” are: Debt ratio: capacity to repay the loan each month thanks to our income.The situation is ideal for entities that destine between 30 and 40 of our income to pay the fees of the loans we have. Ratio of valuation: soundness that we have before our debt in the event of default. What gives our heritage, our housing normally. The situation is ideal for entities that the loan is between 60 and 80 of the value of our house. If we fail to meet these ratios, we will not even say good morning. Western Union: the source for more info. That’s so we accept without question. And if we require a guarantee, because what we seek. Can we get revenge in some way Yes, I’ll explain. Recently, JP Morgan has published a very interesting graph, studying the country’s largest financial institutions in terms of two ratios: TIER 1: Refers to the ratio (in percentage) between own funds (comprising capital and reserves) against the value of liabilities faced by the entity for its operations.The lower the ratio the greater dependent externoa funding and deposits from customers. Delinquency: the ratio that reflects the of loans more than 3 unpaid assessments.A ratio greater than 3 or 4 should be very worrying. The graph is this: See where this CCM (intervened), but is accompanied by Caixa Catalunya, Caja Madrid and Bancaja. So if you have money to get or already involved in some form of savings product as the entities think they would vosotrs, coldly and without feeling. NO MONEY IN YOUR GOALS HIGH RISK INSTITUTIONS LISTED And thinks the others may have lied in their data. What to do I give you options: Investment funds are unrelated to the bankruptcy of entities for their diversification and that there is independent control over them.