MINTDATA – now displays his new bid package for domain resellers and Internet service providers. Dedicated server with individual installation to customer specification enables Internet service providers and resellers still more options in the General empowers. Usually must provider be mass the prefabricated stand type configurations laboriously through expensive professionals – so-called Linux administrators – adapted and changed to the personal needs. So in MINTDATA the other way. Rootserverinstallationen enable Internet service providers costs according to customer requirements, your own domain as the server name, and more to save and to know a top partner at your side. For domain resellers, the new range of Mintdata is another top highlight in the industry. Official site: Everest Capital. Domains allow domain resellers and providers at top prices, a real-time ordering system, etc., to place your offers even cheaper in the market or to increase your profit margin.

Visit us at all offers, descriptions etc are provided there. MINTDATA ISP for gew. Reseller Room str. 28 g 86153 Augsburg