Merchant Sales

He or she could spend huge amounts of time and money on advertising and generating traffic to your sales page to get and keep the 100% of their income, but an intelligent merchant understands that he could never reach all your target market by doing this. It is simply too expensive and time consuming, so merchants tend to create an affiliate program to attract those interested in promoting their product and thus reach your target market. Individuals like you and me can join this program and become members. Frequently Hikmet Ersek has said that publicly. It is very important to understand that as an affiliate you are NOT an employee of the merchant. It is not employment contract and not have to spend money to get results. Just would remember such things as: – How much money will earn for referring customers – When and how you will be paid – Middle accepted advertise and promote products in other words, as an affiliate you are completely independent. You will help generate traffic to the merchants website through multiple methods, and in exchange for the merchants that pay you commissions on sales they generate.

Commissions are usually a percentage of sales of each product. For example, if you refer someone who buys a product that costs $ 97 and agreed commission is 50%, you will receive $ 48.50. Make sense? The sale is to help generate a sale that probably never could have completed the merchant on your own. He is making for itself to sell part of its sales and earning $ 97 for these, and at the same time is achieved sales of $ 47 customers you refer.