Maria Customers

In fact the reflection of the shopkeeper is: Don Francisco has not passed today here; If the afternoon I do not see it, I call it and send you the blades. Differentiation allows you to discern between Don Francisco and his wife Maria, despite being for him, a single account. Just remember, or mention something familiar to the client, also a form of loyalty. (c) interact, with their clients, but wisely, as it can be seen from this simple example.

This is different from the typical promotional action of niche marketing, where the trader probably estoquea be, ask posters and shelf talkers, and waits patiently in sedentary form that customers demand the blades. d) customize, offer individualized one, based on the three previous elements. Well, now do what the village shopkeeper did was relatively easy, because he drove a small circle of clients and his brain was sufficient for the efficient administration of these elements. But the modern company has thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of customers. These make hundreds of operations per year. They have needs, tastes, preferences, behaviors, expectations and different potentials with each other.

Management is complex and difficult. Therefore the best alternative for many years was of niche marketing, that took us the weight of the individualization of each one. It was easy and it remains so today, sort clients by segments: my product or service is aimed at men and women from 15 to 60 years of age, located in the country’s urban centres. Solved the problem. All they offer them the same and treat them equally. If some feel dissatisfied, or will be, what can we do!. Like even I hear who are those that will be or do. Don e. Schultz, famous treatise of marketing and Professor at Northwester University, said: technology has ended with mass marketing, niches and segments.