Make Melt

House of technology gives insight and overview in the extrusion technology seminar and called their variants extruder support devices that evenly squeeze out solid and viscous mass according to the principle of the Archimedean screw from a mold opening. This procedure is performed under high pressure and high temperature and known as extrusion.Extruders are the heart of every extrusion line. The melting and homogenization is a main task of the extruder. “From the House of technology together with statutory health insurance (Gesamtverband plastics processing industry association) and seminar on February 28, 2008 in Munich and on June 12, 2008 in food offered AVK (industry reinforced plastics Association) extruder design, interpretation, problem solving” is aimed at technicians, engineers, supervisors and operator of the plastic and the plastic processing industry and career changers in extrusion technology, who want to get an insight and overview in the extrusion and its variants. Melting behavior, General information about the worm interpretation and problem solving are part of the seminar. Focuses on the Einschneckenextrusion, the topic of corotating and the opposite way rotating Doppelschneckenextrusion are also explained. The seminar is aimed at practitioners and dispenses with the derivation of formulas and theoretical foundations. As a seminar leader Mr.

Prof. Frank Pohler won, who worked until recently in the industry and therefore large writes practical orientation. “The direct link: htd/veranstaltungen/W-H050-02-205-8.html htd/veranstaltungen/W-H050-06-181-8.html the detailed program of events get interested on request at the Haus der Technik, Tel. 0201/1803-344 (Mrs Ramzi), fax 0201/1803-346, E-mail: or on the Internet at search keyword extruder”.