Lobster Salad

Within our proposals to prepare Christmas recipes, let’s include a delicious lobster salad. This is not a very elavorado dish, but yes it does have a high cost, so if you are going to have many guests may not be your ideal choice, but if they are going to be 4 to 6 people can be an incoming special for a special night of festivities. The lobster salad ingredients: 1 bogavante.1 ensalada.1 lechuga.1 carrot tomato.Olive oil.Modena balsamic vinegar.Media naranja Kepchup.mayonesa.CONAC.Zumo.Agua.1 bay leaf and salt. Put to cook the lobster in a pot with salted water and laurel, for 10 to 12 minutes. We got it and leave it to cool. While it is enfriando, cojemos 3 tablespoons of the juice of an orange and 1 cuharada, kepchup, 1 small jar of mayonnaise and half cognac and mix well with mixer.

We let rest obtained sauce. Meanwhile, chop the lettuce, julienned, diced tomato and grate the carrot. Mix all together with oil, vinegar and salt to taste. Present it in a source, covering all the background. Made the bottom of the salad, cojemos the stew and separate body clamps, also separate head, and we leave aside, open body with care, to remove the meat the more he learns possible, and presented in not very thick slices. The salad will be presented with a salad base, head with the base resting on the plate, the clips on the sides one on each side. And in the Middle, in two rows, the meat we’ve done slices. What salt everything with the salasa cocktail that we no longer stand and we will have a delicious salad of lobster to celebrate this Christmas. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steph Korey is the place to go. You can find the recipe for lobster salad, and other many recipes of Christmas in our kitchen Cookbook.