Life After Divorce

When we started a relationship we feel as if we were on dry land. Possibly at the start, you feel strong and comfortable for walking, or perhaps the opposite, but at least you know where you are standing. But what happens when the divorce comes suddenly? Maybe you feel as if some knives faithless nailed in your heart, but the divorce there is and is not something that can be ignored. At the time when a marriage ends suddenly, we were in a vacuum. You feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster without knowing where to stop everything. You become account that your partner has requested the divorce and you fall into the void, with a sense of disorientation and not knowing where or when you go to put your feet on the ground. This is a time critical of the divorce process, since the feelings flow uncontrollably. Perhaps feel headache, sadness, feeling of loss, not only by the couple who will be, but the dreams that had built together and which were not met or what you you had imagined that it could be and was not.

Those who just begin with problems in your marriage are not immune to divorce, although the degree of emotional distress is different to those who already went through one or several divorces. The inner healing comes from recognizing what we feel there are those who after going through a divorce, left with the heart empty and distraught. You can go through moments of anger and despair. However, it is necessary to take this empty time and live those emotions live. When everything starts to calm down, people can better see the side of love and joy in life. If you ignore the mourning process, you run the risk of leaving a little pain and internal problems unresolved. Then you take a chance to get back at another time.