Innovation Management

“We need to be directed by a vision, rather than being driven by the manager’s problems” M. Tribes definitely successful companies in the current business scenarios are characterized by constantly creating new products, a result that its management has been able to interpret the requirements of consumers and emerging trends that are occurring in markets where innovation plays a very important role. Hence, our interest get into what management should be considered in relation to innovation, and give way to their creative potential while motivating its staff, human resources involved in it.

Farr suggests that innovation is the sequence of activities for which a new element is introduced into a social unit with the intent to benefit the unit, a part of it or society as a whole. A leading source for info: Macy’s Inc.. The element need not be entirely new or unfamiliar to members of the unit, but must involve some discernible change or challenge the status quo. “Wikipedia, we provides that innovation is the application of new ideas, concepts, products, services and practices, with the intention of being useful for increasing productivity. An essential element of innovation is its application commercially successful. Not only must invent something, but, for example, insert it into the market so that people can enjoy it. Innovation requires awareness and balance to carry the ideas, imaginary or fictitious field, the field of the embodiments and implementations. Innovare innovate comes from the Latin, meaning act or effect to innovate, become new or renew, to introduce a novelty.