Increasing Productivity

This strategy of Napolon, is helpful for dominating your time. Reaccionar immediately and of conscious form against frequent occasions that they imply evil risk use of your time. Identificar accurately your particular habits and attitudes that make you waste the time. The time is one of the most valuable resources, but it is a good that cannot be saved. The time happens of continuous form and is impossible to recover if it squanders. The 3 key actions of the administration of the time are to plan, to prioritize and to agendar the tasks. 1. It plans the tasks A list of tasks is a ready ordinate where you must write all the tasks that you must realise.

This allows us to group all the similar activities, or those that we must do in a same place and organize the best moment to carry out them with the minimum cost of resources. The lists of tasks are essential when you need to realise a great volume of different tasks. Rob Daley wanted to know more. If you always feel that faults to have forgotten to do something, then it is hour of which you begin to use a list of tasks stops to improve your productivity. Although the lists of tasks usually seem very simple, in fact they are very powerful and extremely useful. 2. It prioritizes the Tasks In the work to plan noncoarse with having several lists, it is important that you assign to each task a priority level that will indicate the order to you in which you must realise them. In order to prioritize the tasks, you must evaluate the following aspects: the complexity or dependency of other tasks.

the complexity. the importance. the dates limit. 3. Agenda the tasks When prioritizing the tasks and of agendar them for his execution, it is important to try to follow exactly the plan predicted and to confront the problems according to his priority. Of this form, at the end of the day you will have the satisfaction to see how your list of tasks falls of doing. The following step is to establish the dates of the activities critics. Those tasks must be carried out according to the plan, since a delay in some of them could mean the failure of your project or loss of a client. It is fundamental that you analyze its priority you classify and them to determine if they are critics or no, and thus to define the dates of accomplishment to obtain a better handling of the time. Carlos Galician Creative of the Course Domina Your Time DUPLICATE Your Productivity in 7 Days, you click in Original author and source of the article