Heidi Klum Feels Still Like Newlyweds

The supermodel is no longer from their honeymoon three years Klum and singer are already married supermodel Heidi seal and so far one has heard anything about any “marriage Blues”. No, quite the opposite. Heidi Klum finds that your honeymoon is not over yet. Read more here: ronald burkle new york. “Sometimes we lie in bed and I think to myself ‘ my God there is Yes seal.” What’s he doing here?’. Then, I immediately get a smile on your face and am happy.

Our honeymoon period is certainly not over yet “, so the top model in the December issue of InStyle magazine. But how to bring spice in their marriage Heidi Klum and seal? Are both also pretty clamped him their jobs? “We have real dates with each other. We meet for dinner or the cinema. We want of course as romantic as possible there, when we are alone together. Some people wake up and see her life companion and then quickly turn around. This isn’t so with us. “Heidi Klum with husband seal (with Barack Obama mask) music in the will of course” Family writ large. “Seal and I sing over and to any possibility. Although I usually never meet the right tone and seal rolls then always with the eyes, but basically he’s laughing like I. And if interested in it already? I’m not a singer, and not everyone can be seal!” Love! Lisa Walters