Have You Made The Right Choice For Your Baby?

Products that everyday he blanched Hel easier you can pamper your baby with the best. With the election of Philips Avent, for example, you have the security, products of the highest quality to acquire, which have been designed for your needs and that of your baby. The Avent airflex feeding bottle for example works with the Airflex valve, which ensures that the resulting in the bottle vacuum, in the Saugrhytmus of the baby, is replaced by air. Technology at millennium has compatible beliefs. The baby can drink without having to make a break, thus, breast milk or baby food formula. Babies who are fed with the Avent Airflex bottle, have less painful colic and reflux, as babies who are fed with a conventional bottle. The Avent magic cups are leak-proof if tilted, shaken, thrown or rolled and simplify the exchange between the glasses and the bottle. With the Philips Avent ISIS breast pump can mothers breast milk in Avent bottles, or pre-sterilized VIA returnable cups pumping.

Breast milk can after that, immediately after the Pumping the baby being fed, or they can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Philips Avent sterilisers work according to the principle of steam sterilization. This is the safest and most effective method to free baby bottles and teats before spoilage bacteria and pathogens. The Avent storage systems is suitable especially for storing breast milk and baby food diet, in the freezer or refrigerator. You are pre sterilized and can be reused many times. The Avent diaper bags made of high-quality microfibre, offer a practical and well-thought-out solution the mother for all activities with the baby. This is just a sample of the benefits. We are convinced that these products and offer also a wide range of Avent products.