Growing Trend

Serviced apartment instead of long-term hotel stay which was concept of serviced apartments long unknown and established only recently. A fully equipped apartment which is rented for short and long stays, offering additional services such as chauffeur services, running errands, or household cleaning of partner companies is meant by that. Who want to give so not on the comfort of a hotel, but also not as permanent hotel guests want to spend his stay is with landlords by serviced apartments at the right address. This type of accommodation is one of the most sought-after residential properties for short or long term stays in major cities. This development is particularly on the needs of the lessee, whether it is to businessmen, diplomats or other international businessmen due to. Who professionally resides for a certain period of time in Vienna is no longer forced into an expensive hotel rooms, in which it remains only eternal guest, to reside, but decides often for a cosy and homely atmosphere in a well-equipped apartment. They have other advantages as well as separate living and sleeping areas.

As provider of serviced apartments also provide for much more about offered services such as the cleaning of the apartment and the completion of purchases through partner companies. Also, the apartments through her personal ambience can achieved more success. The apartment is fully equipped, laundry and coffee machine, Wi-Fi and TV. You can visit and even Cook. The serviced apartments offer better quality of residence than a hotel room and therefore you can feel right at home. Living in serviced apartments Hotel regular instead of people who travel a lot are professionally, stay as Manager, pilots or diplomats, and a certain amount of time in Vienna, nowadays rather take the offer of an all inclusive apartments claim to stay for several weeks in a hotel room rather than.