Feminine Eurobasket

One prevailed in its debut in the championship to the selection of Germany by 79-69. Valdermoro, Torrens, Aguilar and Montaana took the offensive weight of the equipment. This Sunday, second divided of the Spaniards in the match before Montenegro. The feminine Spanish selection of basketball was released with a victory, before Germany by 79-69, in the championship of Europe of Poland in a party without much control, in which the Germans put speed and enthusiasm and the Spaniards quality and determination at the moments keys. A partisan of 7-0 in the first two minutes of party, after an electrical starting of the Spanish selection, put to the equipment in the way adapted towards the victory, thanks to one connected Ana Montaana, and marked the rate, a little wild, of the party. Germany felt comfortable with a fast, aggressive game and without too much control and Spain either, that always the initiative in the marker took, it did not make too much dominate the tempo. The irruption of Amaya Valdemoro and two triples of the flagship served to consolidate the advantage, 21-12, to term of the first quarter.

In the second period, the Germans began with a 0-4, but Spain, now with Elisa Aguilar to the control of the operations, controlled the situation, reaching advantages that got to be from fourteen points (39-25, minute 19) and that to the rest remained in twelve points, 39-27. Germany followed with a very vertical, dangerous game and without elaboration, almost infecting to a Spanish selection that thus, lost part of its advantage by its greater quality. The interchange of baskets and failures was the habitual tonic of a third quarter in which teutonas got to approach until 45-42. At this moment, the Spanish equipment reacted immediately and obtained a 7-0 partisan that it gave back the tranquillity in the track to the players. With Sancho Lyttle controlled and the wild rate by flag well, the selection made use of its quality and experience to take the marker in tax exemption and to ensure the first victory the championship.

After the 58-49 of the end of the third quarter, Spain followed without fitting dnsa and breaking definitively in the marker, which propitious that in the interchange of Germany baskets returned to approach four points, 66-62 for want of little more than five minutes for the end of the party. Jose Ignacio Hernandez, national selector, did not want risks and put in track all the experience and quality of the Spanish selection, that is to say, Lyttle, Valdemoro, Aguilar, Montaana and Torrens, to ensure the victory. And there was no option for the Germans. Aguilar guided with hand signs and Valdemoro sentenced the first triumph in the European by 79-69. – List of credits: 79 – Spain (21+18+19+21): Domnguez (4), Torrens (18), Montaana (13), Passover and Xargay – initial equipment, Nicholls (2), Lima (1), Palau, Aguilar (17), Valdemoro (16), Lyttle (8) and Cross. 69 – Germany (12+15+22+20): Bar (14), Breitreiner (6), Austmann (10), Khn (8) and Mersch (8) – initial equipment, Richter (7), Koop (2), Wagner, Menz (3), Thimm, Greunke (3) and Glser (8). Incidences: Party corresponding to 1 day of the feminine championship of disputed Europe in the room Spotek de Katowice (Poland) before about thousand spectators.