Family Holidays In Bavaria – Amusement Park And Animal Open-air Enclosure

Much pleasure and mood in the luggage in the family paradise East Bavaria Regensburg (tvo). Have you packed ready?” Then, the trip can go. The goal: Eastern Bavaria. Everyone finds his holiday fun in the parks, in the Bavarian Forest National Park and its information centres, in the animal open-air enclosure, amusement parks, glass works and museums of East Bavaria. In the Bayerischer Wald family forest have been attributed much pleasure and mood on the flags.

Adventurers will undertake on the Bavarian Forest expeditions to explorers, a boat tour on the river rain, climb, in the high rope park or go with the National Park Rangers on tour to wolves or bears. In the Bavarian Forest, one is like out there in nature because there is to much research just for children. Hotel owner Gunter already goes with guests on nature discovery tour in the Goblin forest, tinkering with them forest lanterns or a giant Hay Castle. Plenty of exercise and healthy food that tastes really delicious, are the flagship of the WaldFitFamiliy hosts also Gunter is already one. Who has ever made a milking diploma or was in a vintage tractor on the road? For guests of the midget farms in the District of Tirschenreuth are just two of the numerous leisure time activities. Also stock bread grilling around the campfire, the game barns and the calf that you can feed make good mood.

Also a right rollicking cycling belongs in the holiday program in the upper Palatine forest. On the old railroad lines or the river trails has lots of fun the whole family and is far busier roads. Here is the Castle richest country bar of Germany on the way. There are no limits to the imagination and you can invent ancient legends, shivers full secrets or fabled treasures. Fun on a family vacation is the new, colorful family journal of the Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria. There are many good tips for a memorable holiday with much contact with nature.