Economic Development

In this component of the project, the joined alternative was the inclusion of part of the group in activities of selective collection and the commercialization of solid residues. – Water Ours the Program Water Ours, of the Company of Sanitation of the Federal District (Caesb) was created in 2002. The Program consists of the implantation of nets of water and sanitary sewer in habitacionais regions without this type of service and in areas of Economic Development of the DF. The Water Ours already arrived at the Arapoanga (Planaltina), Village Is Jose (Brazlndia) and Structural. 4. Results and Quarrel to identify the main public politics formulated and applied in the area, the research analyzed the journalistic substances of the Braziliense Post office in the period of July of 2001 the December of 2007.

The headings of substance and content of the selected news articles are only syntheses of the main displayed arguments. We stand out that the year of 1994 was marked by the beginning of the demographic explosion of the Village Structural e, the posterior years for an intense process of claims of the community for the regularization of the area. Year Month Day Fact 2001 June 23 – Growth Sped up of the Structural one gains new unfoldings with the irregular creation of the commerce sector, workshops and industries. Inhabitants disclose that the government makes seen thick to the appearance of these new lots. August 11 – The growth of the favelizao in Brasilia is stimulated by the donation of lots and absence of fiscalization of the Government of the Federal District. October 05 – Two hundred inhabitants of the Village charge of the GDF and the District Member of the house of representatives Jose Edmar the regularization of the place. 08 – Population of the Village charges hearing with the governor Joaquin Roriz to argue the regularization of the nesting.