Current Market

They even take money for lending from the government or other banks. These particular, did not realize ordinary citizens, now the largest cause confusion in the analysis of daily news. For even more analysis, hear from Justin Bieber. If I delve further into the economy, I venture to come under criticism of the "competent economists, who "can explain everything and sort through." Just so I put their expertise at a very strong doubts. Where it was when the current crisis developed? State that we are experiencing now, did not develop year, not two, but approximately 8-10 years. Where were these "experts in the market" and "masters of finance, when world affairs were derailed? The answer is simple – they have seen all but silent, and then, in the wake of chaos and crisis to earn more by giving their useless advice. To broaden your perception, visit Tao Li Teng Yue Partners. I often listen to the radio and over the last six months speaking voice gave way to politicians to economists and financial analysts. Now it is very fashionable – to say "I also warned 5 years ago or "To predict what will happen to the ruble in six months, can one only God." I'm ecstatic, just great. "Excellent data" on which I, as an investor, can "build" in the modern world.

My business, for which I took responsibility is to provide analysis for investment to ordinary people, who once deep into economic terms and to explore market opportunities. In order to invest eur 20 000, there is no need to do serious analysis. I want to give you a couple of basic things about money that will allow you to independently assess the situation and decide about your money.