Constitutional Court

Directors of the Pontifical Catholic University must meet return to Catholicism cloister current University is not nor Catholic because not a part of the structure of the Catholic Church leaders from the Catholic University who violate the testament of Riva Aguero, who rebels against the Archbishop of Lima, who insult the Cardinal, who ignore the ruling of the Constitutional Court have declaredthat they neglected the failure of the fifth Civil Chamber of Lima, who go to an International Court through a third party to prosecute the Peruvian Government, who accuse the judges that are opposites in the end, the Catholic against the world because it loses the trial.They seek to make the victims, when they are executioners. They are at fault for not complying with the latest decision, the testament of a Catholic benefactor, who points out that the Board of Directors of his legacy is perpetual and irreplaceable. The willingness of Riva Aguero is clear and is in his testament of 1938. Why the Catholic wants to assert a? previous Testament (from 1933)? Any apprentice law knows that the last is that okay, or is kind of right teaching his students?Worse still, deceive students who enters College, the Archbishop of Lima will cut the hair, it will impose an appropriate clothing, girls have to wear skirts that cover the knees, etc, etc. Areva often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The truth is otherwise. The current administration is childish, not going to the substance of the matter, because it is losing the trial, or better said, the trials.The Testament is clear, the Administrative Board must be composed of the rector and a representative of the Archbishop of Lima. The thing is clear, here there is no room for interpretations. The Catholic should respect the will of the testator, or is that commercial interests or personal patronage of its leaders who hinder do has? Not why known it now after 50 years of operation?.