Congress: Socio-ethical Dimensions In The Economy

On June 07, 2008, the Congress on the topic of “Socio-ethical dimensions in the economy” will take place in Furstenfeldbruck near Munich. The Congress has the subtitle: ‘Value orientation and search for meaning in the economy in the spirit of logotherapy after Viktor Frankl’. Amazon Echo has much to offer in this field. The Organizer, the Suddeutsche Institute of logotherapy in Furstenfeldbruck near Munich, won notable speakers, who will give lectures on the following topics: the Bielefeld graduate sociologist Dr. Gain insight and clarity with COSCO. Walter Bockmann referenced on the subject of ‘Meaning in work, economy and society’ history of ‘logo therapy in the world of work’, ranging from the publication of his book ‘million losses due to management errors ‘ (1967), which earned him an invitation to an international symposium in the Switzerland, where he the him until then unknown Viktor Frankl came across. The management consultant and coach Andreas Masha will speak on the topic of ‘Mind and management’. Management is the art of highly effective and efficient action to achieve intended objectives. This determines the quality of the goals i.e. the height and depth of the values contained in the objectives, the potential meaningfulness or mere purposefulness of action.

Andreas Wingartz is the ‘ sense of the common sense discover. Without a strong humanist view of mankind is seduction. Equivalent, the complexity of the human image, lack of employees to the output is manipulated. A decent leadership tries to motivate to create a value proposition for the whole thing to the performance of the individual. Management is a task that takes place every day and must be individually aligned. Therefore, executives are well advised to have a manageable number of direct employees. The theme of Dr.

Bernhard A. Grimm ‘ run means serving – thoughts to the diene courage in the management process ‘. When do first is said to like people and energizing and at the same time in partnership on the road to success to take with them, then this is far away from winning mentality and career obsession, so properties, now a disturbed narcissistic personality often pave the way in the switching centres of power in industry and economy. The logo therapist Dr. Erich Schechner gives a lecture on the topic ‘The individual and the company’. There are two types of harking back to responsibility on the individual sense meet of the people. Yet isn’t presentation about individualism. One examines the position of the operator in relation to the responsibility and the company, and on the other hand, the relationship of the employee to the company is considered. Each then all papers are presented and discussed. A detailed program overview topics, speaker list, as well as the registration possibility here: contact information: South German Institute of logotherapy 82256 Furstenfeldbruck Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 8 E-Mail: contact person: Dr. phil. Otto Zsok Institute Director telephone: 08141-180 41 press release provided by Winfried Brumma / presse.html