Company Intelligence Service ODO

Until the end of 2010 is slightly less than two months, and we can observe a tendency in the current period of "intelligence service", the largest supplier of auto parts UAZ and ZMZ in Belarus. 2009 was a crisis and this affected the overall sales of spare parts in the company – in comparison with 2008 there was a decrease of total sales of automotive components and UAZ ZMZ 28%, at the same time a decrease in yield by 21%. In 2010, the company decided to maximize expand the range of auto components to increase its stake in the Belarusian market of spare parts, which already won the trust of partners and gained years of experience. The result was a positive trend of the current 2010 to Compared to 2009 – increase by 15%. However, the yield on the market with a new name for automotive components by itself is fraught with lower yields in order to compete with suppliers, already present in the market. The main primary focus is cooperation with the and a decent representation in the Belarusian market of high quality products that the largest Russian manufacturer. After how in 2007-2008 the company has entered into a direct contractual relationship with two large factories in Russia, located in Ulyanovsk – it's OAO "Ulyanovsk automobile plant" and OAO "Ulyanovsk Motor Works' list Belarus imported products has increased considerably enlarged and brands UAZ and ZMZ. Today the company is "Intelligence Service" offers consumers the full range of automotive engines ZMZ and UMP – the Volga and Gazelle UAZ up and groove, as well as a wide range of spare parts for these dealerships avtomobiley.Ofitsialnoe JSC "ZMZ", JSC "UAZ", JSC "UMP" allows the company to provide not only the complexity of delivery and maximum range, but and minimum prices and terms of shipment of spare parts and engines. For more information about the range of imported products we can get on our site